Dogs of the Prado and Ines


Ines and I went to the Prado, to see the “pitches”.  When we got there, we noticed that all the secular (and some of the sacred) late Renaissance/Mannerist had a dog. And always in the same place: bottom of the frame, in front of everything, and exactly Ines height.


2014-04-23 18.19.22It became a game to look for the dogs.

2014-04-23 18.18.30And then to sneak a photo while the museum staff weren’t around.

2014-04-23 18.17.50

After a while it became obvious that the use of dogs in the composition was not accidental. I’m sure there are various allegorical interpretations. But the simplest explanation seems to me that putting the dog there (i.e. the part of the painting which is most visible to a child) makes the painting more fun for kids.

2014-04-23 18.17.16

‘Cause dogs is fun.

2014-04-23 18.20.57

Even when the focus of the painting is the decomposing head of John the Baptist.

2014-04-23 18.38.29

Or placing a crown of thorns on a dude’s head.

2014-04-23 18.28.16

Not sure, but I think this is the most famous dog in the Prado.

2014-04-23 18.53.48

There are even dogs at the Auto Da Fe.

2014-04-23 18.36.55

But before we could take a picture of Goya’s dog, they threw us out. So we took a #Wagnerselfie instead.

2014-04-23 19.37.05


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